Tuesday, April 17, 2007

News Out of Pocatello: Draper Murder Trial

Channel 6 is reporting that the sequestered jury in the Brian Draper murder trial here in Pocatello is now (at about 4:15 pm) in deliberation. There should be a verdict by the end of the day--I'll keep you posted.

UPDATE 8:59 PM: News Channel 6 is reporting that the verdict is in and the court proceeding will reconvene in 20 minutes.

A warning for those of you following this and are thinking about checking out the KPVI website--the page is very slow to refresh...

UPDATE 9:32 PM: In Judge Peter McDermott's courtroom, the verdict has been returned in the trial of Brian Lee Draper, a Pocatello student accused of killing classmate Cassie Jo Stoddart with alleged co-conspirator Torey Adamcik (all three 16 years old) last September. The charges are murder in the first degree and conspiracy to commit murder in the first degree.

The Verdict: Guilty on both charges.

In terms of sentencing, I'm not sure when that happens, but I know the prosecution was shooting for life in prison.

I also think that the conclusion of the Draper trial is just what we can expect from the upcoming Adamcik trial.

As a side note in this very disturbing story, I have been very impressed with the coverage KPVI has consistently put out for the community and I am equally impressed with the new setup of their website.

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Jessica said...

I am going to make a wild prediction and say guilty, guilty, guilty.