Sunday, April 8, 2007

One Very Effed Up Weekend

The only positive thing I have to say about Easter weekend is that I had a very lovely lunch with a very intelligent man on Saturday who I find myself looking up to more and more with each passing day.

Me using the term "effed" is proof alone that I've had a rotten weekend. What a bizarre word.

I had to blow off a friend Saturday night who I had hoped to catch a movie with. I had to blow off someone else today because of chaos at work. And I haven't had enough sleep which causes me to be grouchy on its own.

This evening I happened to watch the CBS drama Cold Case which I watch fairly frequently. However, tonight it was very good in a historical sense and very rough in an emotional sense. One of my favorite characters on television happens to be Detective Lily Rush who has a one of the most difficult relationships with her mother that I ever seen. That alone wore me out.

I realized I had left my cell phone on silent when I got home today and now have numerous phone calls to return, but I think it is probably too late in the evening to do that and I'm more than ready for bed.

Another positive--the Braves beat the Mets today. Kelly Johnson had a solo homer in his first at bat which was amazing. Really, I just love those red uniforms...

Also, my Yahoo! Fantasy Sports team is up twelve points to a few great players including Mr. Andruw Jones--who for all intents and purposes we can refer to as Superman from here on out. Bobby Abreu and Chris Carpenter might be in trouble (Abreu was hit by a pitch, Carpenter is having arm troubles), but the rest of my team isn't looking too bad.

Some things to look forward to on this awfully horrible day--Andruw Jones will wear the number 42 on the 15th in honor of Jackie Robinson day, the great film Bobby comes out on Tuesday (which I plan on running right out and purchasing), and tomorrow I am going to watch Charlotte's Web.

I'm hoping for a less effed up week.

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