Saturday, April 28, 2007

Smorgasbord Saturday

As a matter of housekeeping: If you haven't noticed, I have added a few sites to the blogroll on my sidebar--a lovely link to a great organization called Disability is Natural and this lovely blog called French Toast Girl that I love mostly for this woman's artist talents and the way she refers to herself as our "toastess."

In the last week or so both Jack Valenti and David Halberstam passed away. Halberstam wrote one of the greatest books I've read about the Kennedy administration and the choices leading us into Vietnam, The Best and the Brightest, and Valenti was in the motorcade when Kennedy was killed in Dallas. Both of these men have equally shaped my perceptions of the Kennedy administration and assassination. It is really unfortunate that I never had the opportunity to meet either of them. A few semesters ago there was a great panel put together by CSPAN at the Kennedy Library that Valenti attended. I wanted to go, but they were out of space before I knew about it and called to reserve my space. Anyway, these two men left a lasting impression on me.

I have news about the Bright Tomorrows facility that is going up behind my house, but that deserves a full post. I am more and more impressed with the project by the day despite my complete irritation with them cutting down the tree.

Lately I seem to be watching a great deal of movies. I'm not entirely sure why other than I go to work and come home with little to no homework since I had to take incompletes in several of my classes this semester. So, I've watched The Last King of Scotland, Notes on a Scandal, Freedom Writers, The Queen, and the entire first season of Without a Trace. I can't say I particularly enjoyed Last King, I commented here about my viewing of Notes on a Scandal, but I was thoroughly impressed with Hilary Swank's performance in Freedom Writers, Mr. Cromwell's performance in The Queen (the man never plays anything near cruel and as Prince Philip he certainly wasn't kind), and am absolutely entranced (is that a word) by the relationships within Without a Trace and how they seem to connect perfectly with the lives of those missing people they are out to find. And Freedom Writers touched me. I suppose that is because I am who I am and am where I am because of very dedicated and supportive teachers who have pushed me every step of the way to make something of my life.

Today I took a trip over to the Post Office because I wanted to buy a sheet of these really sweet stamps...but due to the craze over eBay and the number of people who send things out of their homes daily, I was there FOREVER! The lady in front of me had no less than fifty packages. Geez, all I wanted was a sheet of really cool stamps. And then to top it off once it was my turn to move up to the counter they didn't even have a full sheet of the really cool stamps. So I ended up with a half sheet and a book of those new forever stamps. Only I could be bothered by that. Not as bothered as I was when the local bookstore didn't have a single book of Frost's poetry, but pretty damn close!

There seemed to be something else I wanted to throw in for Smorgasbord Saturday, but at this moment it has escaped me. In other news, perhaps those of you interested in the ongoing processing of the Stallings Collection at Idaho State Unviersity would like to know that Richard Stallings kindly donated his papers from his gig as U.S. Nuclear Waste Negotiator this past week. They will be housed with his congressional papers and I couldn't be more excited!

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