Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Spring Style?

** Editor's Note: So, I'm going back to work tomorrow (Yippee!) and hopefully all classes next week which means my frequency in posting may slow a bit. Because I anticipate this and know my next 2 posts (or soon to be posts) on Patterson and short stories will take a substantial amount of time, I want to throw this post up--fairly off the wall, but on my mind.

Have you ever spent any amount of time thinking about the uniforms major league baseball players wear? I have. Recently I've become fond of the Braves' alternate uniforms and when I was a kid I thought the Montreal Expos must be out of their minds to be out there in that get-up. But really if you think about it, some teams have had a rough go with uniform choices.

One of the most recent teams that has caught my eye are those poor Arizona Diamondbacks--their uniforms were awful before, but now they are even worse! They've upgraded to some red uniforms that are way too similar to the Astros' uniforms. I heard on Fox Sports (the crappy Rocky Mountain version that shows the Rockies games waaaay too often) that when the Diamondbacks took the field for the first time some announcers confused them for the Astros and wondered what was up with the schedule... Though I much prefer red over their old purple color, they really should have thought this one through. The sad part? It takes a whole lot to convince the league to allow a team a new look and many people are involved--don't you think somoeone might have said, hey, I think they look too much like Houston? The same argument could be said for certain versions of the Giants and Tigers uniforms, but that's an argument for another day.

Another team that seems to have gotten the shaft when it comes to uniforms is the San Diego Padres, but more and more I am loving their new lineup of uniforms. Home, away, alternate, they are all good. And more and more I am liking the Padres as a team... probably nothing to do with their newest lineup of uniforms, but hey, it could have helped right? Now don't get me wrong, a lot of great players wore those old uniforms, but come on, you just can't feel good about playing ball in those!
One uniform that I just love is this one for the Nationals. They've come a long way not only as a team (remember the Senators?), but as a stylish group of ballplayers.
Yep, you heard it here first on a political blog, nonetheless. I think a group of men wearing cups and spitting who knows what out the corners of their mouths are stylish!


Tara A. Rowe said...

Oh, I forgot one of the worst uniforms ever--comes from Houston as well... http://www.astrosdaily.com/files/gallery/Richard_JR_09.jpg

Jessica said...

I think the Mariners uniforms are alright. I love their white uni's the most. Looks so clean and pretty.

I think you should post on team mascots. Not just the cool ones or lame ones, but the Indians, Braves, (Redskins for football)etc...Are you offended by them? Since others are offended, should they be replaced? Are they respectful and/or accurate depictions of Native Americans, or Native American culture...And no, I am not baiting you, or anyone, into a fight.

Jessica said...

And I think you should start a post about how the Yankees are lame. It should be kept at the top of all the other posts so we can continually rip on them. And/or have a post with the players we don't like. ARod (Pay Rod), Jeter, and some of the other sellouts.