Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sweet Redemption

I come to you this evening from Boise, Idaho where I am currently hanging with my kid brother. This is only the second time he has ever been to Boise and his last trip here was for his fourth grade field trip. Tonight as we got into town we made a loop through downtown, out Warm Springs Ave., through the campus district, and then up past the Boise depot. He is amazed by all there is to see in Boise. far he has only made fun of me once and not for an entirely nerdy thing (or maybe it was). As we were driving between Mountain Home and Boise we passed Clint Stennett & Wendy Jacquet riding in his truck with his Senate 5 license plates and I waved. Yes, I, an avid Democrat waved. In Idaho don't all Democrats feel as though we are one tight knit group? I must admit I was happy to see them after learning Senator Bart Davis may be our next Idaho Supreme Court justice...I needed a political pick-me-up. Long story short, my non-political brother thought it odd that I'd be treating two Idaho legislators like celebrities. Really, just a simple wave on the interstate. A simple 'You guys are awesome, keep up the good work' wave.

You're probably wondering why this post is titled as it is--I assure you it has nothing to do with my trip to Boise or the encounter with Stennett and Jacquet...this morning prior to leaving Pocatello I gave a 45 minute presentation to a History class at Idaho State University. Sure, this is a common occurrence and I give all sorts of presentations on the Stallings Collection and its importance, but this particular presentation meant a lot to me. Why? Because the instructor of this class is someone who failed me as a wide-eyed freshman who hadn't even decided on a major yet. It didn't phase me that he had failed me--in fact he may be the reason I decided to pursue a major in History. But today I felt as if I had a lot to prove and was seeking some sort of redemption. I should also say since this professor failed me as a freshman I retook the class, passed with an A, and also took an independent study course from him in which I worked harder than I have ever worked on one single research paper and he gave me an A. However, today I still felt as if I had much to prove. I did. Whatever there was to prove I left that classroom this morning feeling quite satisfied with myself and my presentation. Redemption? Maybe. It sure felt like sweet redemption.

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