Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Crossing Jordan

There seem to be a fair number of series finales this spring--Gilmore Girls, 7th Heaven (hopefully for real this time), The George Lopez Show, King of Queens, etc. Not to mention the shows cancelled in their first season--some that needed to be cut (Jericho, Close to Home), some wonderfully written (Studio 60), and some that just weren't on long enough for viewers to even have an opinion (The Black Donnelleys).

I'm one of those people who never catches on to how truly wonderful a series is until several seasons in. The two shows that fit this category for me are two of the only series I actually own on DVD--The X-Files and The West Wing. There are a few others that I've just recently started watching like Without a Trace, NCIS, and the late Gilmore Girls that I've absolutely loved. And then there are the shows I watch sporadically like Law & Order (all three), CSI (all three), and ER.

The title of this post is the title of a show that does not fit any of the categories mentioned--it's a show I've watched from day one. Crossing Jordan is one of very few shows that I watched from the first episode clear to the end. The only other shows I can think of off the top of my head that I watched from day one clear to the end are Dawson's Creek and Judging Amy.

What originally caught my eye about Crossing Jordan was the setting. I love Boston. One trip to Boston isn't enough and if you haven't been, book a flight tomorrow. So I began watching the show for all the city and then I really started to enjoy Jordan. Her independence and attitude is something that I think drew in a number of women in my age group. The quirkiness of Bug & Nigel was a bonus. And Garrett. Garrett was like a modern day Bogart and they played on that. Or at least the first couple of seasons did. Somewhere down the road things took a bad turn and the show slowly fell apart. In fact tonight's series finale was supposed to be the season finale until the last minute when NBC pulled the plug on the show.

This is exactly the same thing that happened to Judging Amy. They were set for another season and then got pulled near the end of their last season. To me it makes much more sense to let a show go out their last season knowing they are ending. That way it doesn't feel rushed and the characters get their last moments, episodes, etc.

The thing is, Jordan didn't end feeling rushed, but the episode was poorly planned and not what I started watching the show for. No Boston. So I watched fifty minutes or so of the finale and wasn't impressed. I was annoyed with the plane crash. Annoyed with Garrett being near death. And I certainly didn't like Bug being away from Lily. There were so many things I wanted to happen--I wanted to see Max (Jordan's dad) back. I wanted to see the former love interest of Garrett, D.A. Ranae Walcott back. But no. I was disappointed...

...Until the last ten minutes. Of course there was a happy ending. The plane wreckage was found, the crew saved, yada yada yada, but Garrett thanked Jordan for coming back from L.A. You'd have to have watched from the beginning to understand this, but it was a very touching sentiment. Most of all my favorite part of the finale was the closing song. Quite awhile ago, I don't even know what episode or season, all I know is that Jordan cried in her dad's arms at the end of the episode, this beautiful John Hiatt song called "Thirty Years of Tears" played in the background. There it was tonight at the end of the series. Quite fitting if you ask me.

Alright, that's enough from me on television. I'll spare you any more talk of what I've been watching at least until the fall.

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peacelady4 said...

Crossing Jordan is one of the best series shows that has been on TV. Why can't they show re-runs at night like Murder She Wrote on Hallmark and NCIS on USA.
Please won't someone listen. It had a great cast and storyline which is not easy to find now. Thanks for listening. Lynn