Sunday, May 6, 2007

A Cultural Wasteland

Every Sunday night I have a ritual which includes watching 60 Minutes on CBS and tonight I heard Lou Dobbs agree with a former Harvard professor of his who said Idaho is the cultural wasteland.

Dobbs grew up in Rupert, Idaho. Sure, I can understand a comment like that coming from a native of Rupert, but I can't help but think this was a blow below the belt for Idahoans.

I've never been a fan of Lou Dobbs. His view on immigration is a far cry from mine and he and I have very different opinions on many issues. However, he isn't afraid to come out and say he does not support George W. Bush and he isn't afraid to say publicly what a disaster the War in Iraq is. Despite his good qualities, Dobbs seems to have forgotten the good qualities of Idaho, much less Idahoans.

Bottom line--he's no Cronkite.

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Julie in Boise said...

Maybe some Idaho entity - Idaho State or BSU? - could invite him to speak. He'd be a big draw here, especially with the senior set. (My Dad and many other oldsters I know revere him.) Then he could see that Idaho has changed since his boyhood.

I'd have to agree: It's a bad rap. Idaho is far too big for such a blanket indictment. There are parts of Idaho that are downright hip, and there are pockets of culture in even the most regressive places.