Thursday, May 3, 2007

Idaho Rebel Joins LaRocco Campaign

I'm just now settling down for the day and see that Julie Fanselow of Red State Rebels has signed on with the LaRocco campaign.

Last year I was able to write for Students for Grant, a gig Julie fixed me up with, and it was soooo much fun! I learned so much from that experience and continue to learn from (and look up to) Julie. I think all Idaho bloggers wish to be as talented as Julie and as on top of things, I certainly do.

Congratulations, Julie! And more importantly great job to Larry LaRocco for snagging her. I've always been impressed with LaRocco, he's a smart guy and a great campaigner, so it didn't surprise me at all that he took this leap. Let me just say that if by chance there were to be a Students for LaRocco (or something similar) I would be honored to write beside Julie and on behalf of LaRocco. Not that I'm hinting or anything...

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Julie in Boise said...

Thank you, Tara. Consider your "hint" heard!