Sunday, May 27, 2007

Profound...And Not So Much

Yesterday I mentioned that in James Patterson's 6th Target there was a line I found particularly interesting. I couldn't remember what it was. Well, with all my spare time I skimmed through the book last night and found it. Once I found it I realized it was nothing close to profound, but particularly funny if not down right hilarious if you understand the love Mr. Patterson must have for music (displayed frequently in his writing).

From page 207:

"And the piano was wrecked!"

Profound, no, but in the story they are investigating a series of murders and attacks in an apartment complex and this particular quote comes from a scene where the investigators have entered an apartment where a woman has been bludgeoned and in the process rammed the piano causing it's destruction. Not funny in the sense that this poor woman was brutally murdered, but leave it to Patterson to find the sight of the "wrecked" piano the most profound thing to say in that moment. Hilarious. And damn, it was a beautiful piano...

Now for the profound, really, truly profound. I was reading Uncle Orson Reviews Everything, that lovely site by Orson Scott Card that I adore. And in his latest post he writes of colleges as status symbols. You know, the typical 'if she went to an Ivy League school she must be brilliant and worth hiring argument. Anyway, Card writes:

"A good student can get a good education anywhere that has a decent library and a handful of good teachers -- which is the most you ever get in the Ivy League or other high-reputation schools."
Wow. What a simple, yet profound truth. I'm at a state university, in a state most people disregard no less, and yet with a handful of superb teachers and a decent library (extraordinary with the Stallings Collection added to its holdings) I have received an excellent education.

So, like I said, profound and well, not so much.

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