Saturday, May 5, 2007

Smorgasbord Saturday

Evidently I don't have much to say today since it has taken all day for me to think up something for this post. Earlier I was engrossed in a book about The Washington Post and now I'm watching closely the Dodgers/Braves matchup.

While watching baseball I have decided that wherever I go for graduate school (meaning wherever I am after my MA is complete at ISU) it better be in or near a stadium. Wouldn't it be great to spend every Saturday or Sunday of baseball season at a stadium? On a related note--I think I've mentioned that I play in a Yahoo! Fantasy Sports league and my team isn't half bad. My one complaint is that the fantasy baseball league I'm in, as well as most fantasy sport leagues, prevents team managers from dropping players that are ranked fairly well. This is understandable in that some pretty bogus trades are attempted by managers throwing away their chances of finishing the fantasy season in good standing, but this means I'm stuck with Chris Carpenter who is going to be out for at least three months for elbow surgery! I keep hoping that Yahoo! will re-evaluate his situation and take him off the "can't cut list."

Starting Monday it's Finals Week at ISU. For the first time in my college career I don't have any finals. It is an odd feeling to not be stressed to the limit like my classmates. This is due in part to taking an incomplete in several of my classes, but also due to the nature of my academic experience these days. Mostly I work on the Stallings Collection and everything else fits in where it can.

Speaking of the Stallings Collection, I gave an end of the year presentation this past Wednesday to a group of people, the VP of Academic Affairs, VP of Student Affairs, and Richard Stallings to name a few, on my progress on the collection and it went really well. It no longer concerns me that the University doesn't understand what a wonderful resource they have here. I'm thinking about starting a weekly (or monthly) series of posts on the progress of the Stallings Collection as I prepare it to open to researchers in January. What do you all think?

It has been pretty damp in Pocatello today so I haven't gotten out to take more pictures of the Bright Tomorrows project, but I assure you it is moving along quickly. In fact I'm not sure I've ever seen a project come together so quickly in my entire life.

I don't seem to have a lot of news to share today or really anything of substance to say. However, I could mention that Wally Schirra died a few days ago. For those of you who didn't go through a phase of wanting nothing more than to be an astronaut, Schirra was one of few astronauts to take part in three of NASA's famous space programs, Gemini, Apollo, and Mercury. As a nine and ten year old Schirra was my hero. I soon discovered I couldn't do math which shot my chances at being an astronaut, but hey, Schirra is still a worthy hero.

Don't expect a Smorgasbord Saturday next week. It's my birthday this coming week so I might drive home on Saturday to see some friends and stop in to visit my family. But you can expect another Smorgasbord post the following week.

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