Thursday, May 17, 2007

Weekend Series

This weekend the ISU server will be down which means I probably won't be able to access my email from 9am Saturday to 9pm Sunday. One might think this is no big deal, but I am a complete email addict and not being able to access my email is, well, a major catastrophe.

Except I am actually looking forward to this weekend for that very reason. I plan on turning off my phone for most of the weekend as well.

Next Friday I am taking the GRE (graduate entrance exam) so I can begin graduate work in the fall. I have some studying to do this weekend for that. I need to finish up a paper for the Spirit of the 60s course that I took an incomplete in this past semester. And I need to get caught up on the readings for my summer Latin American history course. I also need to refresh my memory so I can take a final exam for a course that ended way back in February that I also took an incomplete in.

The reason I tell you my weekend schedule and the server ordeal is because I have a weekend series of posts planned--real, in depth posts. A few of the topics on my mind that I would love to find the time to write about include the Pocatello Community Charter School, the most recent edition of Idaho Yesterdays, an update to add to what will become many, many posts on the progress of the Stallings Collection, and a few comments about Walter Cronkite (a tribute to Cronkite will be running on CBS tomorrow night).

It should be a happening weekend here at The Political Game, so keep an eye out.

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Jessica said...

The GRE sucks. But I think they changed it since I took it (early 2004). I finished the math section about 20 minutes early, which is NOT good since you only get 30 or 40 minutes for it. I guess that explains why I scored in the 7th percentile.

I knew I didn't need to score well in all three sections and I hadn't taken algebra in a few years and I have still not taken a geometry class. Not chance in really trying.

I've heard that lots of schools/programs will start taking other tests in place of the GRE because of potential future changes to the GRE itself and the way it is administered.

Good luck, you'll do great, except on the math part. ;)