Thursday, May 24, 2007

Welcome to Cooperstown, Mr. Smoltz

Tonight John Smoltz hit the landmark of 200 Major League career wins. In a shut out game at Turner Field in Atlanta, Smoltz threw seven perfect innings to take home his 200th win.

Had it not been for field rules I'm sure the first person to congratulate Smoltz would have been his old teammate Tom Glavine (pitching for the Mets tonight).

Smoltz is the 106th pitcher in the history of Major League Baseball to win 200 games. He joins his former teammates Glavine and Maddux on that list of pitchers. And it is certain tonight that John Smoltz' place is secure in the baseball hall of fame.

Welcome to Cooperstown, Mr. Smoltz. And that fine career of yours isn't even over yet. How about another hundred or so wins?


10 said...

To be honest with you, while that is a great mark to achieve, 200 victories does not ensure that John Smoltz will be enshrined in Cooperstown. Of the pitchers who are still active with over 200 victories, Roger Clemens, Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, Randy Johnson, would be the only sure locks in Cooperstown. That leaves Mike Mussina, David Wells, Jaime Moyer, Kenny Rogers, Curt Schilling, Pedro Martinez, and John Smoltz with all over 200 victories and just consideration of getting into the Hall. Some notible pitchers who are not in the Hall include: Tommy John 288 wins, Bert Blyleven 287 wins, Tony Mullane 284 wins, Jim Kaat 283 wins, Jim McCormick 265 wins, Gus Weyhing 264 wins, Jack Morris 254 wins, and many more examples. Of importance to note, all those who are in the 3000 strikeout club who are hall of fame eligible are enshrined except for Bert Blylevin. Since Smoltz will never achieve the 300 victory mark, but he is getting fairly close to the 3000 strikeout mark so he stands a chance with that statistic.

Cameron said...

I'd rank Smoltz second out of the Braves's Big Three from the 90s, right behind Maddux. His wins totals will be lower, partly because of bad luck despite pitching great, and partly because of all those saves- he was a closer instead of a starter for a while. It'll be interesting to see how Hall voters treat that.

Plus, he was by far the superior postseason pitcher on his team.

Game seven of the 91 Series should get both Smoltz and Jack Morris in the Hall.