Monday, June 4, 2007

Army Wives

It must first be known that I despise Lifetime television. Perhaps it is the girly-girl, drama queen nature of the shows on Lifetime.

But...I had been seeing the previews for this new show called Army Wives for some time and thought it looked sort of good. Mostly I was happy to see Catherine Bell (of JAG fame) and Kim Delaney back on the small screen.

There were the drawbacks, the least of which was the fact that the show was on Lifetime. I was afraid of having war thrown in my face. I assumed, given the reviews, that it was a conservative show addressing the issues faced by Army families. All my assumptions were completely off base.

The show revolves around a handful of wives on an Army post, each with their own struggles and secrets. There's a much gossiped about woman carrying children that aren't hers (a paid surrogate hoping to help her family get out of debt despite her husband's outrageous spending habits). The former doctor, still very much in love with her Army husband, but hiding a secret from him--her son is beating her. There is a socialite with what appears to be the perfect family and perfect house, but she seems to be having quite the feud with another wive on the post. There's a bar tending, fiery woman who has known her husband for a grand total of seventeen days and doesn't quite fit in on the base. And last but not least there's the husband who attends the wives' events. His Army wife just returned from Afghanistan.

Since it premiered last night at 8pm, I have watched the pilot three times and I just love it. I can't help but laugh at the insanity of it all.

And then I pretend like I don't like it so I don't have to admit I actually watched something on Lifetime...

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