Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Cassia County's 5th District Court Judge Monte Carlson Dies

News from my hometown, sort of, Cassia County judge Monte Carlson has passed away.

From the South Idaho Press you can read of his passing or a better article about Carlson's role as founder of the drug court can be found on the Times-News website.

In my experience with Carlson I never had a single word of criticism. This was one of the most decent men I have ever met. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.


Jared said...

Judge Carlson is my grandmother's cousin. He was a good judge and a great man.

Cassia County has been lucky to have some good individuals in on the bench. Judge Carlson, Judge Granada, etc. Sadly, they always seem to be taken fairly young.

Skelly said...

I knew Judge Carlson through the beginning years of Drug Court. He was always humane and fair to my my clients, and was a truly compassionate man.

jarocho said...

I knew Monte Carlson as President Carlson, President of the LDS Taiwan Taichung Mission in 1984 -1985 time frame. He was a great spiritual leader, teacher, and mentor. Incredibly passionate about his role in that great country, he worked tirelessly to reach those who were seeking truth and happiness. I was with him at the dedication of the LDS Taipei Temple. An incredible man who accomplished a great deal in his lifetime, I will always miss his smile and great work ethic. He taught me so much at the time. A truly great man.