Friday, June 8, 2007

Endless Array of Acronymns

So I was sitting in the basement of the library this morning, sorting and cataloguing a box of files in the Stallings Collection on the Balanced Budget Amendment and ran across two press clippings from Idaho publications I wasn't familiar with. Stallings' staff has simply labeled them "MCN" and "M/News."

After coming to the conclusion that I didn't know either of these publications, but could reasonably reject the idea that MCN was either Motorcycle News or the Maryland Cow Nipple (humorous publication of the University of Maryland at College Park), I got to wondering about press clippings in current legislative offices.

Do you think current legislative offices are trolling for blog posts and printing them off like Stallings' staff used to troll for press clippings and photocopy them?

If so, the Idaho blogs would be popping up in acronym form, RSR, 43SB, TPG, MGR, etc. It would be a lot easier for me to remember RSR than it is for me to get it in my thick head that LT is not a staffer's initials, but the abbreviation for the Lewiston Tribune!


Sage Word said...

Did you figure these out, And are you sure they're Idaho papers?

I'm guessing M/News is the Blackfoot Morning News. And MCN could be Minidoka County News. Nothing up near Rexburg (Madison County Mumblemumble) ever mentioned Madison in the name, but it'd fit.

Tara A. Rowe said...

Hmmm...Blackfoot News. That would make logical sense. Thanks!! I am pretty sure they are Idaho papers because Stallings' staff didn't seem to keep any outside papers except for the NY Times or Washington Post.