Monday, June 18, 2007

In Other Baseball News

Lots of baseball news over the weekend including home run number 748 for Mr. Barry Bonds. As I've mentioned before I am not entirely okay with the idea of Bonds* passing up Hank Aaron's record, but the time is coming regardless.

One of my all-time favorite players (whom I've watched since his 1993 debut) got his 2,000th career hit yesterday. Congrats to Chipper Jones!!

Seems Tom Glavine is in a holding pattern. Stalled at 295 wins, I'm wondering when Glavine might hit the 300 career wins as did Smoltz earlier in the season.

Glavine is not doubt bogged down in what seems to be a fall from grace on the part of the Mets lineup. They got their asses kicked by the Yankees last night in their last subway series game of the regular season.

Neither the Mets or the Braves (two of my favorite teams) did well over the weekend. Yesterday the Braves got beat by the Indians despite Chipper's hitting and yet another Superman-like catch by Andruw Jones (who is in a hitting slump). I don't see the Braves picking it up in the series that begins tonight with the Red Sox or the weekend series with Detroit. The Red Sox are red hot and Detroit is moving on up.

The Braves play tonight on ESPN and the Detroit series has encountered a change up (forgive the baseball pun) since the schedule was printed. The revised schedule has the Braves playing on Friday at 7:35, Saturday at 3:55, and Sunday at 8:05 (pm) all of which I think Eastern time zone.

It was interesting watching the Indians and the Braves because the Indians capitalized on the fall of the Expos (my second favorite team in the history of baseball) and really made something of their lineup when the Expos were sold to Washington.

Oh...and the Nationals won yesterday. That sure doesn't happen much these days!

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