Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Just Yesterday

Just yesterday I was saying that the Atlanta Braves needed to send their relief pitcher, McBride, back to Triple A ball.

They didn't.

Just today the Atlanta Braves traded McBride for the Detroit Tigers' left-handed reliever Wil Ledezma.

Ledezma pitched for the Red Sox at the beginning of his career, went on the DL, worked his way back up into the Detroit line up and last season had a 3.58 ERA (three wins, three losses) and currently has a dreadful 4.79 going for him.

Ledezma's stats aren't all that different from McBride's stats (current ERA of 3.60), but with Ledezma you can see him making progress--McBride seems to be sliding backwards. I didn't like McBride's pitching, but it's always sad to see a Georgia boy traded away especially after such a short career with the team he grew up watching.

My bet is Detroit will do what Atlanta should have done with McBride--send him back down to the minor league, making room on their roster for their starter Kenny Rogers who comes off the DL on Friday to pitch against Atlanta.

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