Sunday, June 24, 2007

Katona & Bright Tomorrows

Today's Idaho State Journal features an article about Pocatello Police Detective Jeff Katona who has served as an investigator into child abuse in Pocatello for the past seven years.

Katona had very nice things to say about Bright Tomorrows, the child advocacy center that is building a new facility behind my home:
"Katona sings the praises of Bright Tomorrows...The center has a specially prepared interview room for children of all ages and a homey feel that helps put them at ease the moment [they] walk through the door."
Katona not only sings the praises of this children's center in Pocatello, he exhibits a great deal of dedication to the protection of Pocatello's youth.

The ISJ article really made me consider yet another aspect of this facility going up right behind my home. For those of you who work in or know something about organizations that deal with child abuse victims, it is a very difficult position for those children to be in, because not only have they been hurt, often violated, they have in many cases been hurt by those that should love them most. They are often protecting their own parents, families, and friends. The interview itself, the interview much life those Katona conducts, is often more difficult than surviving the actual act of abuse.

With every new bit information I learn about Bright Tomorrows I am even more impressed. Certainly this organization deserves recognition and every bit of support they have received and continue to receive from this community.

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