Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Out of Town

Tomorrow morning I am headed to Boise and will be out of town until late Saturday night, early Sunday morning.

Just a fair warning.

I'll more than likely post something about my adventure while I am away and will have great things to say by Saturday morning. I'm meeting a guy Thursday, quite possibly a guy who is going to offer me a sweet gig, and I plan on going to see the new film Evening while I am in Boise.

Fifty bucks says I won't make it an entire weekend near good bookstores without purchasing the Bugliosi book released this past May on the Kennedy assassination. Another fifty bucks says I'll be coming home with the new Bon Jovi CD as well. Maybe something a little more peppy to keep me awake as well.

I am completely worn out today after a long night, though typical, with my fourteen year old brother. Do fourteen year old boys never sleep?

Today I intend on completing the processing, cataloging, and preparation of Box 41 (Wilderness Issues) in the Stallings Collection so don't plan on hearing much out of me until at least Friday morning. Until then, check out the link on my sidebar to the Hesperus Press blog!

Peace out.

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