Saturday, June 23, 2007

Smorgasbord Saturday

Another beautiful Saturday has rolled around. Last Saturday was incredibly windy in the Gate City, but today seems to be calm, warm, and perfect for the Riverfest.

In political news--the Idaho State Journal is carrying on its first page a story about Pocatello Mayor Roger Chase considering a bid for Congress. I'm assuming he would be running in the 2nd CD, but I'm not sure how serious he is. Does this mean Mayor Chase won't be running for reelection? Quite possibly. Which rules out the rumored match I've heard planned between he and Stephanie Palagi of the Old Town Pocatello organization.

Looks like we're in for a shakeup here in Pocatello. I foresee a drastic change of the makeup of the Pocatello City Council within the next year. And it wouldn't surprise me if the upcoming council election brings out a handful of newcomers to city politics, both in the election and in the actual positions. I have often considered a run for Pocatello's City Council, but if the shakeup is going to occur sooner, rather than later, I don't see my chances of running (or success) improving any given my current workload and school schedule.

Thanks to former Congressman Stallings (and current Pocatello councilman) I'm firmly tied to my desk in the library attempting to get through his congressional collection in time for its opening to the public this coming January. Seems like an impossible task, but I'd like to reassure you, as well as me, that it is going to happen--perhaps in stages, but it will open in January come hell or high water!

There are perks to being stuck in the library on a Saturday--it's cool, quiet, and there's internet access. My internet at home has been down for three days which is killing me. Hopefully Qwest can fix the problem today. Or I'll be in the library again tomorrow.

The downside to a day in the library? I'm going to miss the Braves/Tigers opening game as well as a few others I was hoping to keep tabs on like the Padres/Red Sox game. But I'll live. I can do without a baseball game or two without much physical pain.

Here's a question for those of you "in the know" in or around Arco, Idaho. Yes, I said Arco. I have run across this very curious undated listing of projects across the state. The projects are listed by county and congressional district. The projects include the project title (all of which seem to be parks/recreation oriented), the sponsor (generally a city or organization such as the Fish and Wildlife Service), and the amount requested. I'm assuming these are grant or funding requests and given the place of origination I'm assuming they are requesting federal funding. Now for the question: Listed in Butte County is an entry titled "Bottolfsen Memorial Service." The project is sponsored by the City of Arco at a cost of $31,743. Now, there was a governor of Idaho, Clarence A. Bottolfsen who died in 1964. He happened to be from Arco, a longtime newspaper publisher there, and I'm wondering if this listing could be in fact the city of Arco paying for his funeral. Seems odd on a list of parks and recreation issues, but I know there is a Bottolfsen Park in Arco and it isn't listed as a park, this entry is specifically for a memorial service. Anybody have the scoop on this? I've called the city office in Arco numerous times as well as the Butte County clerk, but they either are avoiding my crazy question or they really, truly aren't around. Whomever tracks this info down wins a prize.*

*Winner will be my best friend for life. **
** Restrictions apply.

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