Tuesday, July 3, 2007

In the Mail: Hesperus Press

I think I am in love.

Today in the mail I received two catalogues from the Hesperus Press, the wonderful press I mentioned previously that I stumbled across while discussing the short stories of Ms. Virginia Woolf.

I love this press! And no, I am not an English or Literature major.

As if it weren't enough that they appreciate the lesser works of very important writers and have beautifully designed (and curiously unique) covers for each of their publications, their Autumn 2007 catalogue has none other than the author of my all-time favorite work The Picture of Dorian Grey, Oscar Wilde.

Having spent several hours pouring over these two amazing catalogues, I have settled on my first two purchases from this wonderful press--The Obelisk by E.M. Forster (I'm a huge fan of Howard's End) and Zastrozzi by Percy Shelley. Forster's work is not yet available in the U.S. and Canada, but I will wait. For this particular edition I'm willing to wait any amount of time necessary.

If you haven't taken my hint thus far, now would be a mighty fine time to wander over to Hesperus Press and check out their selection.

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