Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Iraq: Smoking Something


Jared said...
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Jared said...

What a fraud! Smoking something? Was she smoking that same stuff when she vote to authorize the invasion, voted to fund the war in the last supplemental, and voted, along with nearly 80 senators, to confirm the commanding general in Iraq? You’d think if the strategy was DOA, someone would have confronted Gen. Petraeus on it then, rather than a month or two later!

While speaking of Sen. Feinstein, we should mention how she’s profited from the war. While the ranking member of the military appropriations subcommittee, she directed upwards of $1 billion in contracts to a company owned by her husband. In other words, any vote to appropriate money to this company was a vote to line her pocket. You’d think the Rules Committee would at least have a hearing on this, but lo and behold, she chairs the committee! So, the Senate wants oversight hearing after oversight hearing about attorney firings, a constitution privilege of the executive branch, when it can’t even effectively police itself and the putrid stench of corruption wafts through that very body. Remember that criminal, Republican Congressman Duke Cunningham? He was accused and found guilty of the same thing and it landed him a hefty prison sentence, and rightfully so. The left campaigned on an underlying Republican culture of corruption, when they have Feinstein’s and William Jefferson’s in their midst. The left loves to accuse Cheney of war profiteering because he used to work for a company that receives contracts; however, I have yet to see a soul mention Feinstein’s obvious connections to this company. Senator Feinstein you are unfit for your Senate seat and you should do the institution a favor and resign.