Monday, July 30, 2007

MLB Trade Deadline

Because I will be leaving town early on the 1st and the trade deadline is late on the 31st, I thought I'd mention the rumors I'm hearing about pending trades and hopeful trades before I take off for vacation. This is by no means a complete list.

Rumors in no particular order, other than those I'm most interested in first:

Atlanta Braves

All the talk about Mark Teixeiria coming to the Braves from Texas may end soon. The Braves don't want to add much to their offer (isn't Salty enough?), but there's still time. My guess is if it still happens, Atlanta will have to give up Matt Harrison, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Elvis Andrus, and at least one other player. I personally think they should keep Salty as a backup for McCann, but that's just me. Either way I may never learn how to spell either Teixeiria or Saltalamacchia. If we're shopping for a first baseman, what about Kevin Millar? All I can say is they need to keep Julio in the lineup.

New York Mets

I'd love to see Luis Castillo go to the Mets (to fill the 2nd base slot), but I don't know that this is even feasible. The Mets can do with what they have, so don't expect any major moves before the trade deadline with prices holding where they currently are.

Chicago Cubs

Jason Kendall to the Cubs? Are you kidding me? I hate the Cubs and love Jason Kendall. I know he hasn't had a stellar career performance with the A's, but I'd much rather see him stay in Oakland. All I can say is at least he is staying in the National League.

Colorado Rockies

I'd really like to see Kyle Farnsworth relocate to the mile high city.

San Diego Padres

I hear they're looking for a starting pitcher. No names. My only question--Why? What a bullpen!

Washington Nationals

Undoubtedly the team that could benefit most in the next hours leading up to the trade deadline. I hear they are interested in Wily Mo Pena. Who isn't? I'd like to see them shop for a catcher (no offense to either Flores or Schneider) and a catcher who can swing the bat. No news of that happening, however.

San Francisco Giants

I'd love to see Klesko head back to San Diego to join Maddux, but who know what the Giants are thinking at this point. Seems they have other things to think about in the bay city these days... Kevin Millar would also be a good pick-up for the Giants.

Chicago White Sox

Jermaine Dye is leaving. That seems inevitable. I just can't figure out where he's going. Not the Red Sox. And Jon Garland would be a good trade for them, but like Dye I have no idea where they would send him. Maybe Seattle?

Cleveland Indians

They got Lofton back. That's pretty exciting. Third time's a charm? Maybe this time they should hold on to him...

New York Yankees

Gagne. Why? Because they have more money than sense.

Tampa Bay Devil Rays

Ty Wigginton to the Astros for reliever Dan Wheeler--pretty interesting deal.

Detroit Tigers

I don't think Brad Lidge is moving to Detroit. If he does I will be shocked. Other than that I can't think of any major news.

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Adam Graham said...

Tara, I don't think Farnsworth will be enough for my Rockies. They need a bold move at the deadline (Not like the stupid Bret Saberhagen trade in 1995, but something that will make sense) to catch up. They're only 3 1/2 games out, but I just don't see the talent to get past the 3 other teams with or without Farnsworth.