Monday, July 2, 2007

Monday, Monday

This was meant to be my Smorgasbord Saturday post, but Saturday turned into Sunday and Sunday into Monday, so bare with me as I list the topics of interest to me intended for a smorgasbord setting.

First, I have returned from Boise. I had a lovely time, got a lot of research done, and met some interesting folks. The first day of my Boise trip was the most important in that I met up with an acquaintance of mine who offered me a job in Dallas. I'd give you every last detail of the job offer in normal circumstances because it is a sweet gig, but these are not normal circumstances. I turned down the offer. I was flattered to be offered such an amazing job at my age, even more flattered that they had interviewed a dozen or so people, narrowed it down to three candidates, and then sent their negotiator to Boise to take me to dinner because they weren't particularly pleased with the three candidates. I'm sure one of those three will work out and will do a wonderful job.

Why turn down the offer? This little thing called the Stallings Collection. Nothing little about it and it happens to be my current project. I have promised Congressman Stallings the collection will be finished and it will. End of story. The main portion of the collection will open in January to the public and I figure I have until May to wrap up the loose ends. Then from May to December I will be writing my Master's thesis and will graduate in December with my MA in Interdisciplinary Studies (History/Political Science).

At any other time, given the wonderful job offer, I would have jumped at it and moved to Dallas in a heart beat.

This whole situation proved to me that I actually have a plan at the current time and I'm not flying by the seat of my pants as I suspected...

While in Boise I enjoyed some wonderful food. Thanks to a suggestion from one of my fellow bloggers, Thursday night I had dinner at the Milky Way in Boise. Very delicious food for an important dinner meeting. Friday afternoon I had lunch at this great Thai restaurant in Meridian. My friend Leonard said I had to eat there while I was in town and since I end up in Meridian at least once due to my complete lack of direction it was an easy place to find once I got on Eagle Road.

The drive home from Boise was rather uneventful. I'm not a big fan of that drive, especially while traveling alone. It just isn't exciting. I stopped in Twin (perhaps my favorite city in all of Idaho) and picked up the new TIME magazine at Barnes & Noble. Other than that one stop it was a straight shot home.

Yesterday I spent most of the day recovering from the trip. Watched two baseball games (Braves/Marlins and Tigers/Twins) while unpacking, doing laundry, and having cat naps. Baseball is the best sport to watch if you're into cat naps. I slept through two innings of the Braves game and was still awake in time to see the Escobar two-run single in the ninth and yet another blown game by Bob Wickman.

In addition to the two baseball games I was able to watch the Allstar Announcement Show on TBS. Not too many surprises. I was surprised that neither the fans or players picked Albert Pujols and he had to be picked up by the manager. Also surprised that the Braves will only be represented by Smoltz and McCann. Neither of the Jones boys made the Allstar team. Sad to see that Orlando Cabrera wasn't picked. And Jeremy Bonderman.

In other baseball news, Hargrove, the manager of the Mariners resigned yesterday. Very weird. Craig Biggio got his 3,000th hit last week and The Big Hurt (aka Frank Thomas) got his 500th home run last week, too.

For a complete listing of those chosen for the Allstar game being played on July 10th in San Francisco, I'll post that later today.


Jared said...

Next time you are in the Boise area, there is an amazing Basque restaurant in Meridian called Epi's. Very good for those who want to try something new or,like me, have always had a weakness for traditional yet edgy Basque cuisine.

Jessica said...

Hargrove was a bad hire. Glad he's gone.