Tuesday, July 3, 2007


I just picked up the paper. Commuting Libby's sentence? Are you kidding me? The man may have (and quite possibly did) compromised national security--yes, the same national security the Bush administration is harping on at every given chance--and now President Bush says the punishment was too "harsh." Never mind the punishment being faced by those at Gitmo (also guilty, or presumably, they haven't seen a trial or tribunal yet) who have comprised our national security. They can remain locked up 'til they shut the place now. But oh no, we can't have one of the Bush lovers in jail that would be an injustice. President Bush must have consulted Gonzo on this decision. God help us.


Sara E Anderson said...

I'm afraid I've tagged you with a meme. You must comply!


Nick Speth said...

This whole Libby thing has caused me to further my mistrust of BOTH political parties.

When Clinton was impeached for obstruction of justice, the dems argued that since there was no underlying crime, that he couldn't have obstructed justice. The republicans rightly said that was crap.

Now it's like the whole thing is reversed, Libby is indicted for obstructing justice when there was no underlying crime (though as in Clinton there were some seriously unethical behavior), and now it's the Repubs who say that there should be no indictment. This time it's the dems who are rightly calling this crap. Seriously even if there were no crime, he impeded a justice department investigation.

I got out of the blogosphere because politics are WAY to frustrating.