Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The U.S. Senate

I've been watching CSPAN since 6pm yesterday.

A few comments as the cloture vote nears an end:

Larry Craig you are no William Borah. Unfortunately, nobody on the Senate floor knows who Borah was (save maybe Robert Byrd who is nine-hundred and could have served with him).

I have a new nickname for the senator from South Dakota--Mr. Thune the Looney Tune. That's what he gets for taking out my beloved Daschle.

How lovely that our tax dollars go to the creation of those fine poster boards the senators haul with them to the Senate floor! Good Lord, I really am glad my taxes are going to a freakin' "Let Us Vote" poster board. Note the sarcasm.

Harry Reid please forgive me for those early days of your leadership when I was afraid you had no spine and would make a poor leader of the Senate Democrats.

What the hell happened to the Joe Leiberman I loved up until four years ago? You sell out.

I say they all just challenge each other to a duel.

My first pick for duel-action? Not even a Repub & Dem. Obama/Clinton.

CSPAN is my version of heroin.


MountainGoat said...

I turned it on this morning just in time to catch Larry Craig's speech...with the fancy charts and feeble attempts at oration. Sad.

Tara A. Rowe said...

Very sad.