Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Bonds Makes History

I was just sitting here about to head to bed, watching a bit of the Giants/Nationals game and there it was. Barry Bonds has passed Hank Aaron as the homerun king.

Barry Bonds has passed Hank Aaron.

Wow. I wish I liked him. I love history. I love baseball. I would in almost any other case be loving this moment. I wish I liked him. I wish steroids hasn't ruined so many of the greats. I wish steroids in baseball wasn't the issue.

The commissioner isn't there. Hank Aaron isn't there. The video doesn't take the place of the man who held the record for thirty-three years.

Something that struck me as Barry rounded the bases was the lack of applause on the part of the players on the field. If you remember when Mark McGuire passed the record for season homeruns, the players on the field (his team and the opposing team) were cheering. What has suspicion done to the game?

756 came and went. 435 feet came and went.

Willie Mays is on the field. Barry's kids are on the field. And the asterisk is on the field.


Cameron said...

"I wished I liked him"

My sentiments exactly.

Nick Speth said...

You know despite myself I kinda liked him for just a moment. When he choked up about his dad, etc. Here's what my impressions.

1) Hank Aaron is pure class.
2) Barry needs to pay less attention to posing on home plate and hug his son back.
3) For a second Barry actually seemed like a real person.

Sage Word said...

Ran into Tara at the rally today. It was good to visit thru this with you firsthand, Tara. But I forgot to mention there's an easter egg for you in my blog post on this topic. That's all I'll say; you'll have to admit defeat with a phone call if you can't find it... ;)