Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bright Tomorrows Grand Opening

Today marks the
beginning of a four-day event
in Pocatello, the Parade of Homes. The Parade of Homes showcases the craftsmanship of the local building contractors. This year one of the entries in the Parade of Homes is the Tuscany House, the new facility for Bright Tomorrows on the corner of Washington and Walnut.

I've watched carefully over the last couple of days as the contractors have put the finishing touches on the Bright Tomorrows facility. It is truly amazing how quickly the entire facility has gone up and even more amazing how receptive the community has been to the entire project.

I have commented on the facility numerous times (see the link on my sidebar to all posts on Bright Tomorrows), but I have learned new things about the facility in the last couple of days and I want to encourage all of you to take advantage of the Parade of Homes as it is the official grand opening of the facility.

The beginning of this project stemmed from a grant that was awarded to Kathy Downes and the Bright Tomorrows crew clear back in 2005. The $48,000 grant was set aside for the facility. The Pocatello City Council then approved a lease agreement between the City and Bright Tomorrows for the property at 409 Washington Avenue in April of 2007.

Keep an eye out for new pictures of the facility before the weekend.

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