Thursday, August 30, 2007

Craig's Interview & Public Restrooms

I just listened to the the interview of Senator Larry Craig following his arrest at the Minneapolis airport in June. Surprisingly, this is my only question:

When you are in a restroom and there is a piece of toilet paper on the floor, do you stop and pick it up?

It seems to me a rather odd defense. Maybe it's just me, but when I'm in a public restroom I won't even let the bottom of my pants touch the floor--I just don't trust where the feet that have touched that floor have been and I don't trust what else may have come in contact with that floor. I certainly wouldn't pick up a piece of toilet paper off the very floor in question. Gross.

Maybe if I had dropped a piece of paper out of my pocket (or a cell phone, keys, etc.) I wouldn't have a choice, but a piece of toilet paper? No. That's why there is a janitor with protective gloves on. They don't give you toilet seat covers for the hell of it.

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MountainGoat said...

That's pretty funny. You know that might be one difference between most men and most women. Most women would care about the crap on the floor; most men wouldn't.

When I listened to the tape, I came away with the impression that I was listening to an arrogant man trying to bully a cop.