Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Governor Dean in Pocatello

This afternoon in Pocatello, Idaho Democrats united and welcomed Governor Howard Dean, now chairman of the DNC.

In place of the annual Stallings Banquet, honoring former Idaho Congressman Richard Stallings, a formal reception was held at the home of Mark and Eva Nye followed by a picnic at rally at Bonneville Park.

The rally was somber with a moment of silence for Sargent Gummersall, the most reason Idahoan killed in Iraq.

Governor Dean spoke of the great success of the 50 State plan that has been greatly helpful to Idaho Democrats -- the DNC plan has paid for three positions in Idaho (including the press position now held by Chuck Oxley and a couple field coordinator positions). Dean praised state party chairman Richard Stallings for the 44 county plan -- a plan to put money and support into each of the counties (red, blue, or purple), a plan that has been greatly beneficial in gaining Democrats a few seats in the state legislature.

The picture above isn't great as my camera was malfunctioning, but I promise to post a great pic of myself with Congressman Stallings and Governor Dean later on. Richard was gracious enough to introduce me.

It was a great rally, a great time to catch up with the local Dems whom I have missed in my absence from county/city politics, and always a great chance to see a few of the local bloggers (d2 and Serephin I'm looking at you)!

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