Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Idahoan's Body Returns Home

The body of Sargent Nick Gummersall will be returning home to rest in Pocatello this afternoon.

Sargent Gummersall was killed August 6th in Baqubah, Iraq by an IED explosion near his patrol.

This is the second Idahoan killed in Iraq that I've felt in some way connected to. Gummersall's brother (and best friend), Casey, sold me my car.

The thing is, regardless of how well I know these young men and women dying in a war we shouldn't be in, it is incredibly hard for me to write about the war and about the casualties. Perhaps that is the historian in me--the inability to write effectively about the present or the recent past.

Something tells me it isn't the historian in me that can't write about these brave young men and women, but the fear and humble admiration in me that can't write about a man, a mere year older than me, who gave his life for our country.

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Diana Rowe Pauls said...

My heartfelt prayers go to Sargent Gummersall's family... It will have been three years in August since my brother was killed and I know what Gummersall's family is going through...

When will enough be enough?