Thursday, August 9, 2007

My Mother the Republican

My mother claims to be a Democrat.

She says she has voted for every Democrat on the ticket for many, many years, though I think that has something to do with the fact that in Cassia County she only has the option to vote for a Democrat every once in a great while. And when there is not a Democrat on the ticket I'm sure she votes for the Republican or writes in some random person's name.

She is pro-life, pro-death penalty, claims to support unions, but don't get her started on the Idaho Education Association, and opposes gay marriage (she firmly believes that being gay is a choice -- an aspect of your personality that you can simply turn on and off).

The point I am getting to, bear with me, is that my mother has put a Barack Obama bumper sticker on her summer car (i.e. her old, beat up, 1990 convertible that she drives in the summer months).

You would have to understand how adamantly supportive she has been of Mitt Romney in the last several months to fully see the magnitude of this bumper sticker placement.

She, the woman who told me that Larry Echohawk lost in his bid for the governorship because there were more important things in store for him and that he would one day be the prophet of the Mormon church, refuses to admit that there is any sort of racist undertow in Idaho politics.

You would have to understand the man my mother is married to. He voted for George Hansen every last time, even after the four felony convictions. He voted for Tom Luna, would have gladly voted for Bill Sali had he been in the right district, voted for Steve Symms against Frank Church, and God only knows who else.

She, the woman married to the man who voted out Frank Church in favor of Steve Symms, has a Barack Obama bumper sticker on her car!!!


Jared said...

HA! Larry EchoHawk gave the weekly devotional at BYU last Tuesday. He's also my stake prez. However, he's still got a few more rungs to climb before he fulfills your mother's "prophecy"!

Last stake priesthood meeting spoke about the time he yet met President Bush (41) in the White House and went running with Clinton and let him win. Any guy who can pull off telling a story about Clinton in church is pretty good! EchoHawk is a good man.

Cameron said...

Is EchoHawk still in Idaho?

Cameron said...

Your mother and the man she married sound like an interesting couple.

Jared said...

Cameron, EchoHawk is now a law professor here at BYU. He came moved here soon after his defeat for governor in 1994.

Tara A. Rowe said...

I'm a huge fan of Echohawk and his boys.

Yes, Cameron. They are an interesting couple.