Saturday, August 25, 2007

Smorgasbord Saturday

A week away has given me a little perspective and hopefully a better attitude about life in general. Thought for the day: Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life. I stole that...don't think I'm that brilliant. Now let us begin another smorgasbord.

News from Pocatello--Brian Draper and Torey Adamcik received life without parole this week as their sentences for murdering Poky High classmate Cassie Jo Stoddart. Click here for more from the Idaho State Journal.

While in Boise I worked in the booth at the Western Idaho Fair for UVI (United Vision for Idaho). I'm still reeling over some of the responses from fair-goers. For those of you who haven't been by the fair, the UVI booth has set out information on the cost thus far of the war in Iraq ($450 billion with $1.2 billion being the actual cost to Idaho taxpayers). Each fair-goer is given 12 macaroni pinwheels, each representative of $100 million and they are asked to vote their "priorities." Included in the options is a canister to continue to fund the occupation of Iraq as well as other uses for that $1.2 billion including improvement of roads, bridges, public transportation, schools, head start, and many others. If none of those choices strike your fancy you can write down your priorities. All of these pinwheels are counted at the end of the day, the tally of which will eventually be given to the Idaho delegation since they seem to be oblivious to real Idaho priorities. Anyway, there were a few fair-goers that had interesting things to say, a few of which need to be slapped upside the head. More on this later.

I continue to be impressed with U.S. Senate candidate Larry LaRocco. Yesterday he was in Malta working for the Senate, last night he was at the Western Idaho Fair shaking hands...what a guy!!

News from Major League Baseball--the Atlanta Braves have designated closer Bob Wickman for assignment. All I can say is it is about damn time! I don't imagine I'm the only Braves fan who has this opinion about Wickman. I've seen him blow too many games and I've always wondered what Bobby Cox was doing keeping Wickman in the rotation. Not so happy news from the Braves, word is Edgar Renteria reinjured his ankle in his return from the DL and will be out another fifteen days or more.

Straw poll question: Does anyone feel equal animosity toward Nancy Grace as that Glenn Beck fellow? What is with Headline News?

School starts on Monday at ISU and I received an email from the Vice President of Academic Affairs (now the provost or something of similar importance) stating that ISU students who are firefighters need to contact the Registrar immediately to extend the start date of their classes. The kicker? They're only giving them until September 10th, no later, to show up for classes. Are the Idaho fires going to be out by then? I think not.

Thought I'd send a shout out to my kid brother who broke his elbow in his high school season opener this week. He's going to be out for the entire season. What a way to start high school. I keep telling him he's lucky it was his left arm and not his right--he doesn't seem to see the necessity of having a working writing hand. He is after all the jock. What would his nerdy sister know about sports injuries? Oh the difference between the Rowe children...

I downloaded the official 9/11 Commission Report on iTunes recently. I own the book, but I've never made it all the way through so this was my attempt at finally hearing every last detail. If you haven't read the report, I know it's been out forever, you really should. If you think you understand 9/11, the Bush administration, and the way government agencies interact (or at least did prior to 9/11) you'll be surprised.

Just realized I haven't posted the pictures of the completed Bright Tomorrows facility. I'll do that tomorrow or early in the week. Has anyone used the new 'add video' option on Blogger? Is it as easy as using the icon for adding photos? Guess I'll have to give it a try.


Shimmy said...

You have absolutely no reason NOT to trust Glenn Beck, even though he executed the losing dog by wetting the dog down with water and electrocuting the animal. In court papers, Glenn Beck admitted that he fantasized about killing Michael Moore, and that he participated in the killing of dogs in his dogfighting operation. But he tried to deflect much of his culpability in the grisly enterprise onto his friends.

10 said...

I didn't realize that Michael Vick and Glenn Beck have become one person, as Shimmy is implying by combining things from each of them into one.
Glenn Beck at least has a program that I can usually sit through, even though I don't agree with most of what he is saying. Nancy Grace is even worse than Bill O'Reilly, and that in itself is a quite impressive feat. She rarely has her facts strait, and she often argues points that are completely incorrect or have no point in her show. The tries to make herself look intelligent by arguing, and it usually backfires on her. So basically my vote in your straw poll is Nancy Grace is much more deserving of a punch in the face.