Friday, August 31, 2007

Snow, Sacrifices, & Resignations

Senator Larry Craig (R-Idaho) will be announcing his resignation tomorrow at the Boise Depot at 10:30 a.m. While I've spent a great deal of time contemplating the quick and unfortunate fall of a man who has been serving Idaho, both in the U.S. House and Senate, for more years then I have been alive, I've thought about the sacrifices our public officials make to serve. In Craig's case his sacrifice was sadly the ability to be true to himself, his sacrifice of his own privacy, in both ups and downs, ultimately brought about his downfall. Unlike Craig, is the sacrifices made my White House Press Secretary Tony Snow.

I am a great fan of Snow's ability to "spin," something this administration will surely miss and desperately needs as the week has only further defeated an already inept administration, though not a fan of Snow's politics. However, I was both happy and sad to see Snow announce his resignation today with President Bush by his side. I was happy to see that Snow was honest with the press and the American public, citing financial reasons for leaving, but I was equally saddened to see how much the physical appearance of Snow has changed in his less than two years at the White House. This surely is both the cancer treatments he is receiving eating away at his body as well as the stress of being the spin master of the most corrupt, deceitful administration ever.

Take a look at Snow over the past year:

Pictured at right with President Bush, it is startling how little hair Snow still has and how ghostlike his appearance has become, but he has not lost that brilliance he possessed on day one when McClellan left the White House. He has not lost his sense of humor and though I can't believe I'm saying this, I agree with President Bush on this--I have enjoyed watching Snow "spar" with the press. It has been incredibly enjoyable despite the lack of information (good or otherwise) coming out of the White House in the last year or so.

What was supposed to be a slow news week has turned into one of the most memorable political weeks of my life. In just one week we saw a man who has ignored the greatest legal document of our country resign from one of the highest legal positions, that of Attorney General of the United States. In just one week we saw the fall of a senator who has served the state of Idaho for many years, a man who will resign tomorrow to live the rest of his life in relative obscurity, unredeemed by his own party. At the end of this very long week we have watched the spin master bow out gracefully, nothing less than what he deserved and nothing less than what we expected from his exit.

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