Friday, September 21, 2007

47-47 Wasn't the News of the Morning

Earlier today I was watching C-SPAN and I caught the vote on the most recent Levin/Reed amendment. It was a stalemate, like those that have come before it, and the Senate Democrats weren't able to gain enough support to set a date on withdrawing our troops from Iraq.

My point in mentioning this has nothing to do with the War in Iraq. My point in mentioning this has everything to do with one senator who voted today.

Larry Craig.

As Larry Craig entered the chamber and made his way to the floor of the Senate, it was amazing the reaction of his fellow senators. Had there been more room, it would have been like the parting of the Red Sea. His fellow Senate Republicans could not get out of the way quickly enough. The clerk who was tallying the votes shut off the microphone before Craig reached the table to vote, but the silence prior to the microphone being shut off was stunning. Only one senator said a word to Craig. Only one "hey, Larry" from a senator I can't pinpoint at the moment and one pat on the back from another.

Unbelievable. I've been watching CSPAN for many years now and I have never seen a senator receive such silence from his peers as I did this morning with Larry Craig's entrance in the Senate chamber. In fact, I don't think the Senate collectively was that silent the day Vice President Cheney told Senator Leahy to go f*** himself.

The silence was the true story there this morning. Yes, I was pleased to see Chuck Hagel voting with the Democrats (I wish he would run for president--also wish Bob Kerrey could take his place upon his retirement). Yes, I continue to find myself at odds with and greatly disappointed in Joe Lieberman. Yes, 47-47, an even split in the Senate is surprising. Yes, Dodd voting against the measure surprised me. And yes, the six not voting surprised me--Bennett (R-Utah), Boxer (D-California), Domenici (R-New Mexico), Durbin (D-Illinois), Lott (R-Mississippi), and Sanders (I-Vermont). With those not voting we can reasonably assume that had they voted the vote outcome (50-50) would have resulted similarly. Rejected.

Yes, there were some odd occurrences, but the story here my friends is the parting of the seas. Larry Craig, guilty or not, you've lost your Senate buddies.

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