Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Craig's Voting Record

Interesting that Senator Craig finds it so important now to be in Washington to vote. Now that he has resigned, err...intended to resign, nope, un-resigned, yeah that's it. I'm just saying that for a guy who can say only 9 other men have voted less than he has this session, it's a little strange that now while he's fighting for his record to be cleared that his number one priority is being in the Senate to vote. Shouldn't he be in court? I mean now he has a real excuse to be missing votes as opposed to before when he was...hmm...what was he doing? Where was he? Sure, nine people missed more votes than he did. Nine. And every body has their excuses. Those nine consist of presidential candidates, a dead man, an eighty-three year old with one arm, and a man who suffered a brain hemorrhage. Tell me--how is Larry Craig doing a superb job of representing Idaho when he has missed thirty votes this session? Better yet, tell me how Senator Byrd who is nine hundred years old and takes two hours to walk from his office to the Senate chamber has managed to vote more often than Senator Craig and his nine cohorts that make up the ten least voting senators of the session thus far?


Elizabeth Schmitz said...

From Schmitz Blitz:

Senator Craig has apparently voted against the Kennedy hate crimes amendment, which would add gays to the federal hate crime statute.

If he voted against gays, he can’t possibly be gay, right?

Let’s see if the court reviewing his bathroom sex sting case buys it.

UPDATE: the hate crimes measure passed the Senate this morning by a vote of 60-39.

MSgtDoug said...

Interesting theory E Schmitz....

Ever hear of 'internalized homophobia'? Basically, it deals with the self-hatred a GLBT person has because they believe themselves to be sick, diseased or perverted.

I have known men who spoke loudly and vehemently against homosexual rights, protections, or (dare I say it...) equality; who would be seen entering known 'tea houses', porn theaters, etc. And I doubt very much they were going there for the express purpose of convincing the patrons to 'leave that way of life'.

There's a really nice video on YouTube about Mr Craig speaking against Mr WJ Clinton... calling him a "nasty boy". Hypocracy?

Perhaps you've seen the videos of (former) Representative M Foley talking about Mr W J Clinton's sexual exploits. Of course, Mark has never done anything immoral or inappropriate!

Read up on (former) Rep Don Sherwood's extra-marital affair... hey, he throttled his mistress. Of course he denied it too; she was a school friend of his daughter.

Each of these men opposed immorality. Each of them pointed fingers at Clinton and railed about his immorality, while hoping their depravity would go unnoticed.

And, the judge ruled... NO! Your guilty plea stands. Did our morality party clamor to eject Craig after he lied about leaving?