Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Few Small Matters of Business

I began this post as a TDIH piece--one on this speech Kennedy gave to the United Nations in 1963--but I thought better of that and decided to take care of some housekeeping matters.

As you may have noticed on the sidebar, Nick's back!! Yes, his long awaited return to the blogosphere is here, though he proposes an idea of an anonymous blog that may be forthcoming. Please check out The Return Blog.

When I have made updates to the two sections In the CD Player and What I am Reading, I've found myself annoyed with how far down on the sidebar those elements are. I'm contemplating moving them up, but I'm not sure what to move into their place. Keep an eye out for those changes. Perhaps I'll move the archive down.

As you also may have noticed my writing over at ArmChairGM is slow-going. I haven't been able to juggle all of my other projects and may have to drop this extra gig until Spring training. However, I'm not going to drop it until after the baseball postseason in case something really spectacular happens.

The blog pile has been stacking up with ideas for posts, I just haven't had time to get to those. Maybe I'll throw several of those ideas into the Smorgasbord Saturday mix. I know for sure Sunday deserves a TDIH post.

I am a contributing member (or hope to be contributing weekly) at the new Red State Rebels site. Like other things, I'm slow getting around to that too. I'll let you know when I post over there just as I do (or did) when I post at ArmChairGM.

Have a great weekend!

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