Tuesday, September 18, 2007

November in Dallas

Every year at about this time I find myself very antsy and wanting more than anything to attend the November in Dallas conference hosted by JFK Lancer (this can also be found on the sidebar). However, every year something comes up or I simply can't work a trip into my schedule so closely to the Thanksgiving break from school. Today I received the newsletter from JFK Lancer announcing that this year the conference will focus on both JFK & RFK. From the press release:

The 2007 JfK Lancer November in Dallas Research Conference has been scheduled for November 16-18. This year the November in Dallas Conference will address three 2007 national news stories that focused on JFK and RFK.

First, there was the news that E. Howard Hunt, prior to his own death, had shared details on his personal knowledge of the conspiracy which resulted in JFK's death. That information included specific names of CIA officers who were involved in planning and organizing the attack.

Then, with the publication of David Talbot's book on Robert Kennedy, the public was provided with considerable evidence that Robert Kennedy himself had been convinced that his brother was murdered as the result of a conspiracy; and that RFK covertly investigated the conspiracy and had focused on a specific group of suspects, including individuals named in the Hunt confession.

Not long after the Hunt and RFK revelations made news, national media carried a number of stories about a scientific team which had published studies showing that a key technical test used by the Warren Commission to confirm Lee Oswald as the sole shooter was invalid; that test is no longer being used in FBI investigations or as evidence for court cases.

This year's JFK Lancer's November in Dallas Conference will be addressing all three of these news stories as well as offering a variety of new historical research on President and Senator Kennedy. It's a conference you don't want to miss!

David Talbot is speaking!! How can I pass this up? This year we only receive two weekdays off for Thanksgiving when in the past ISU has given us the entire week. In addition to this scheduling snafu, I am working hard on the Stallings Collection, trying to prepare the main portion to open in January and a trip plus Thanksgiving break wouldn't work out with the schedule I need to keep until January.

If any of you love Kennedy, have always been intrigued by the assassination, or are just plain nerds, I would highly recommend looking into this conference.

I suppose there is always next year for me...


10 said...


ISU is giving the whole week off, it is listed on the academic schedule on your myisu webpage. They have the dates weird, listing Sunday through Saturday instead of Monday through Friday, but you do get it off. The state sheet for employees gives days off for the 22 & 23, as employees are still expected to work Monday through Wednesday, so if that helps you in possibly getting there, well there you go.

Tara A. Rowe said...

Thanks. I was thinking we weren't out for the entire week, but maybe I was confusing that with the days I officially get off as an employee of the University.

Tara A. Rowe said...

I just read it again and here's where my confusion was--I missed the first dates and focused only on the 22nd and 23rd:

November 19-24 Fall recess (No Classes--Thanksgiving holiday November 22 – 23)

Oops! Thanks for the info 10!