Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Overestimating Craig

Perhaps all this time I have overestimated Larry Craig. I always thought he was an intelligent man, wise enough to serve Idaho in the United States Senate. However, after last night's news that Craig is reconsidering his resignation, I am completely convinced that Larry Craig is not as intelligent as I had always thought he was.

How does a well-educated United States Senator make a phone call to his lawyer about very sensitive details of his resignation without checking to make sure it was in fact his lawyer before leaving the message?

How does a bright politico like Craig think a charge in June and a plea in August won't make it into the news and back to his home state?

How do people believe the logistics of what Craig says transpired in that Minneapolis bathroom stall? Seems to me he'd either have to be a contortionist or a liar.

Overestimated. Of all the things I've thought of Craig over the past week, today I'm just overwhelmed by the idea that I overestimated him.

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libhom said...

Craig obviously is in a state of panic.