Saturday, September 22, 2007

Smorgasbord Saturday

There's a new bookstore in Pocatello!! It's in a building owned by a friend of mine, so I have been waiting patiently for it to open and finally it has arrived. Uptown Books is on the corner of 4th Ave. and Halliday. Something I love about this little store, other than the obvious thing--it's a bookstore, duh!--is that it has evening and weekend hours. Check out the website to see for yourself. I haven't been in since it has been completed, but I hope to visit one night this week. If you're in Pocatello please stop in and let me know what you think.

In other nerdy, book related news, the Idaho Yesterdays Lecture Series brings Dr. Peter Boag to campus this week for his lecture titled, “Family, Gender, and Conservation, 1945-1970: How Outdoor Recreation Undermined and Reinforced the Post-War Consensus." The lecture will be held on the Idaho State University campus Thursday September 27th at 7:30 pm. The event, sponsored in part by the American Studies Program, will be held in the Salmon River Suite of the Pond Student Union Building.

I don't recognize nearly enough the work of my fellow Idaho bloggers, so today I wanted to mention the great work The MountainGoat Report is doing in following the Bedke/BLM debacle and point out a great article at Spittin' In the Snake.

I received another email alert from Preservation Idaho this past week regarding the Minidoka Internment National Monument in Hunt. The Endangered Places program has noted recently that the camp faces threats from a proposed Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO or what sounds like a plain feed lot). A public hearing has been scheduled for September 25th and 26th at the Jerome County Courthouse . The Jerome County commissioners have limited pre-hearing letters from the public to only those property owners within one mile of the proposed site, but that doesn't stop wise Idahoans from voicing their concerns with the proposal. For more information please visit the National Trust site for endangered places. Only in the Mini-Cassia area would it make any sense to threaten a national monument with a feedlot, yet not set up a wind power system for fear of hurting the birds.

This funny tribute to former President Ford turned up in my inbox this week. Fitting, given that the Ford postage stamp is supposedly in circulation now though I haven't actually seen one yet...Somebody also told me there is a Jimmy Stewart stamp in circulation, too. Suppose I ought to make a trip to the USPS?

There were a couple of great articles in the August issue of Smithsonian Magazine. I recently became a subscriber to this periodical due to the depth of each issue and the wealth of information on all sorts of topics. "Hemingway's Cuba, Cuba's Hemingway" and "Barefoot Hemingway" offered new and intriguing vantage points of the late author as well as the perspective of Valerie Hemingway. I don't know many people who absolutely can't suffer their way through Hemingway, so I am recommending these articles to others like me who appreciate Hemingway's style and to others who need to open their minds!

New fall television begins tomorrow. There isn't a show on these days that I am absolutely hooked on--not like I was with The West Wing or The X-Files, but there are a few I follow pretty close. Without a Trace, Cold Case, and Brothers & Sisters garner my attention whenever possible. I catch the CSI shows occasionally, though they're wearing me out with all the reruns and what not. I also enjoy The Amazing Race and NCIS. I'm looking forward to a few new shows this season--the return of some tv phenoms like Amy Brenneman, Peter Krause, and Dylan McDermott in shows like Private Practice, Dirty Sexy Money, and Big Shots. And, one of my favorite fluff authors--James Patterson--is having his Women's Murder Club series brought to the small screen. I'm pretty excited about that as well. Now if I can just make it home in time for prime time television!!

Since Constitution Week isn't technically over yet, I wanted to point out Senator Byrd's statement in honor of the 220th anniversary of the signing of the U.S. Constitution. I am one of few Democrats who truly appreciate Robert Byrd. I could listen to the man talk all day long. However, I will admit Byrd's statement this year with its comparison of the Constitution to a soap opera wore me out. What? Yeah, he's losing it, but his heart's still in the right place. Go read his statement. You'll laugh. He did redeem himself with Longfellow.

I read somewhere that people perceived Sally Field's Emmy acceptance speech as a tirade and that she went "ballistic." Ballistic? Maybe I don't quite understand the meaning of the word. She didn't go ballistic, she simply stated the obvious. Indeed, "let’s face it, if the mothers ruled the (world), there would be no goddamn wars in the first place!"

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