Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Housekeeping Note

As you have all surely noticed, my SCHIP post is still not up. The idea is there, the research material is there, the words just aren't. By the beginning of next week, I hope (didn't I say that last week?).

The Larry Craig/SNL clip was posted mostly out of frustration with not having the time to post anything of substance and not feeling well.

On the sidebar you might notice a few things worth checking out. And, there are surely important things going on out there in the liberal Idaho blogosphere. As for now, nothing much here, but check back soon!


The Reverend Jon Boles said...

Thought I would say hello to a fellow Kennedy fan!

Nice to see "Reclaiming History" made it to your reading list; I just recently completed it. Personally, I think it is indeed the definitive book on the topic, one that definitely swept me away from uncertainty regarding the matter of conspiracy. I'd always leaned towards the conspiracy theory in JFK's death, but in more recent times have come to be less fond of the notion due to how implausible and speculative the scenarios seem to be for the most part.

I've amassed a pretty hefty amount of literature ranging from biographies and books concerning the JFK/RFK murders (from both pro-conspiracy and non-conspiracy perspectives), some of which began accumulating when I was still in elementary school.

I actually had to add another bookcase recently to handle the third-party finds I've been racking up on Amazon as of late (with a long list of stuff I've discovered for later, LOL).

Some recent goodies (which I think a Kennedy fan can admire!):

Victor Lasky-JFK: The Man and Myth (A very critical polemic, but worth owning to see a less adoring perspective from the opposition)
Jeff Shesol-Mutual Contempt
James Hilty-Robert Kennedy: Brother Protector
Lester David- Bobby Kennedy: The Making of a Folk Hero
Max Holland- The Kennedy Assassination Tapes
A. Fursenko and T. Naftali- "One Hell of a Gamble"
Mel Ayton-Questions of Controversy (Highly recommended, debunks a lot of myths and tabloid journalism about Jack, Bobby and Ted)

Finally (and I promise I'll quit blabbing shortly), if you weren't aware, the Mark Lane-inspired 70's film "Executive Action" is being released on DVD on October 23rd. Also, Amazon shows a DVD about the RFK assassination coming out on November 20th called "RFK Must Die."

Tara A. Rowe said...

Wow! Thank you so much for all of these reading suggestions. Reclaiming History may be on my reading list for several years--it is enormous!!