Thursday, October 18, 2007

SCHIP Veto Sustained

289 seemed to be the magic number today in the House. 289 votes to override President Bush's veto of the Children's Health Insurance bill (SCHIP). 289 men and women coming together as what Speaker Pelosi has called the "Children's Congress."

With 433 members present, 289 votes were needed to override the Bush veto.

They were 9 votes shy. 9 votes.

I'd forgotten how the House handles a veto override--I had forgotten that powerful phrase "passage, pbjections of the President not withstanding." The last two vetoes that Congress was successful in overriding came in the Clinton administration--one to override the Private Securities Litigations Act of 1995 and another came in 1997 to override a certain line-item veto, if I remember correctly.

The 273-156 vote tally was met with cheers from 273 members of Congress. Cheers for what I'm not quite certain. Cheers for the negligence they are portraying on a world stage? As the Speaker noted, we are one of the only industrialized nations not carrying for the health of our children. Or we became that nation on September 30, 2007 when we let the CHIP legislation expire.

9 votes.


Julie in Boise said...

Crap. That's all I can say, sorry. I know many people worked very hard on this, but their efforts were bulldozed by propaganda, lies, and half-truths (the $80K limit being the most egregious).

Simpson voted yes, I hope? How many votes did we pick up from last time?

Tara A. Rowe said...

Simpson voted Yes. As did Chris Smith, a congressman I am gaining a great deal of respect for. Not sure how many votes we picked up--I'll check.