Saturday, October 6, 2007

Smorgasbord Saturday

It's snowing again today in Pocatello. That makes two Saturdays in a row. I'm not a happy camper. Yes, I've lived in Idaho my entire life, but still, snow is pointless. A whole lot of cold and wet and we're still in a drought.

The snow didn't stop me from venturing out this morning. After three days more or less at home on a break from life, I decided I needed to get out of the house. I went to the Marshall Public Library (something I haven't done with any sort of regularity since I started working at the ISU library), stopped by Budget Tapes and Records, and while I was on that end of town stopped in to visit Uptown Books (to snag a book I spotted last week). All in all it was an okay morning for being so damn cold and wet.

Usually on a Saturday I have some reading recommendations, but this week I haven't paid much attention to the news. After learning that President Bush vetoed (as promised) the SCHIP legislation, I decided to take a break from the insanity that is the news cycle right now. Other than what I've read on blogs, I haven't been keeping up with the Larry Craig saga either. He's an idiot for staying. Idaho Republicans are idiots for not forcing him out. Democrats, by and large, didn't have to do anything with this one. We got to sit around and watch the drama unfold.

Despite my ignorance toward national news, I have been glued to baseball this week. Is it just me or does Kenny Lofton not look like he is still twelve? For being forty or so, he sure looks young. And, I am glad he's back with the Indians. He's a refreshing face in the less scrupulous world that is professional sports.

A few people have asked who I'm betting on in the league championships. I don't really know. As far as the American League, my standard rule applies: Anyone but the Yankees. If Vlad were playing I wouldn't have trouble getting behind the Angels, but without Vlad I'm not too interested. The Indians would be a welcome new face in the World Series. As for the National League, being a fan of the NL East I'd love to see the Phillies reign, but like the Cubs, I can't feel too good about teams that won their division just because their competitors choked. Damn Brewers. Damn Mets. I can't get too excited about the Rockies because I've bad mouthed them so often in the last several years, but if any team deserves to win it is the Rockies. All in all I can't decide.

In terms of awards--I'd love to see Troy Tulowitzki win National League Rookie of the Year. I also wouldn't mind seeing his team mate Matt Holliday take the MVP title, however in terms of leadership I think Jimmy Rollins deserves the MVP. He really was the heart of the Phillies this year, with and without Chase Utley. Is there any question of whether A-Rod will get AL MVP? I'd love to see Jake Peavy get the Cy Young, but I wouldn't complain if it went to Tim Hudson. Beckett would be a great choice for the AL. Of course, they give a Cy Young, MVP, and Rookie of the Year to one person in each league, so there are all sorts of possibilities. And then we get into the question of the Gold Glove...

Funny, the first time I remember knowing anything about the Rookie of the Year race was the year Sandy Alomar, Jr. and Dave Justice won. What year was that?

I have a few tests coming up this week, but I am hoping I will find the time to sit down and pound out a response to the SCHIP veto as well as the time to at least write up a draft for later publishing on three issues that have remained on the top of the "blog stack" that is always sitting on my desk.


Jessica said...

Well, since I moved to New England, I have become quite fond of the Sox. I suppose I should've always liked them since the enemy of my enemy is my friend (enemy=Yanks, friend=Sox). I have never seen such a fanbase as what the Sox have. Everyone eats, breathes, and sleeps the Sox, and Pats (Patriots for you non-football fans). It's fun to live in an area that loves their sports teams so much.

So I am rooting for the Sox.

Nick Speth said...

"Anyone but the Yankees" is a perfectly acceptable stance. I agree.