Saturday, October 20, 2007

Smorgasbord Saturday

A reminder to you baseball fans, game six of the ALCS is tonight on Fox. BoSox host the Indians beginning at 6pm (MST).

Lots of talk about Torre and A-Rod. It's ridiculous to me that A-Rod's next contract is estimated at $300 million (I have heard as high as $400 million). Sure, the guy is talented, but there has to be a salary cap in baseball. Has to be. Where will the shortstop turned third baseman go? I suspect George will offer him a raise. Will he stay? I wouldn't for the House That Ruth Built. I wouldn't for all the money in the world. And, the only reason I keep track of A-Rod at all is because he will pass Barry Bonds as homerun king. He has to. Not because he's the highest paid professional athlete, but because true baseball fans can't live with the thought that Bonds holds the record for too long.

Who will pick up Bonds? An American League team desperate for a DH. I'd say Yankees, but they're already stacked due to too many outfielders.

Another player I am watching closely is Andruw Jones, the nine-time Gold Glove winner, who has spent his entire big league career with the Atlanta Braves. Jones becomes a free agent after the World Series and as much as I would love to see him stay in Atlanta, it is obvious that they can't afford his contract. Where will he go? I hope he stays in the National League. He's an amazing athlete and despite this year's batting slump, he brings power to the lineup. I should say that more than anything I pray he doesn't go to the Yankees. I still haven't forgiven Mr. Justice...

Now, on to other important business--television. Can you tell I have spent much of the week at home?

There are some people that absolutely should be on tv. Actors that are so much better on television. The new (er...several weeks old) fall lineup is peppered with them. Pleasantly peppered. Peter Krause has returned! Thank God. Josh Malina is back. Dylan McDermott, too. Jimmy Smits who is always amazing. And, a handful of others. However, it is the women on television that I wanted to comment on. Two in particular--Angie Harmon and Amy Brenneman.

Angie Harmon did her time in those Lifetime movies, but since she departed Law & Order we haven't seen much of her. Not so anymore. She is now on the brilliant adaptation of the James Patterson series, identically titled The Women's Murder Club. She is NOT who I envisioned to play Lindsey Boxer. This happens all the time with well-developed book characters that are moved to film or television. I am always disappointed. However, once I got over the initial shock of Angie Harmon playing Lt. Boxer, I realized exactly why they cast her--she controls the screen. She's the hard line, no nonsense, lacking in frilliness woman that had to be cast as Lindsey Boxer. Strong, with subtle shortcomings, and brilliant. So I may have thought the actress that should play Boxer would be shorter, a little sassier, and perhaps wearing a baseball cap from time to time, but now I can't imagine anybody but Harmon playing this character. Her sidekicks aren't who I expected either, but that is another post in itself...

Amy Brenneman began her career in television making an appearance on Murder, She Wrote and then coming into her own on NYPD Blue. After she left Blue she did a run of movies, none of which I can really recommend on her performance alone, but then she returned to television after a few spots on Frasier to the phenomenal role of Judge Amy Gray on Judging Amy. Amy Gray was a professional success and a personal disaster. After divorcing her husband, she and her daughter move back in with her mother (played by the amazing Tyne Daly). I could go on and on about the wonder that was this show (Brenneman had a hand in the show's creation) and how disappointed I was when CBS cancelled it and left fans of the show wondering what the hell really happened after Judge Gray testified on Capitol Hill. The point is--Amy Brenneman was one of the strong, independent women on television that other women could really connect with. Now she's back and just as pulled between professional success and personal failure as she was in the robe of Amy Gray. This time, the Grey's Anatomy spin-off Private Practice has snagged Amy Brenneman to play Dr. Violet Turner, a psychiatrist with personal issues galore. She is bright, strong and vulnerable. Everything Amy Gray was, except this time she is among a great cast that includes another Daly--Tyne's brother Tim. If you haven't seen Amy Brenneman on television. Do it. You'll see what I mean about an actress made for television.

Other returns to television that are notable include Catherine Bell, Kim Delaney, Dana Delany, Michael Vartan, David Sutcliffe, and Jerry O'Connell. The only two of which I was pretty excited about were in a series over the summer on Lifetime based on a book--Bell and Delaney on Army Wives which I hope comes back for another season.

And that my friends, is an entire smorgasbord of information not at all useful in any way, shape or form. That's why they call it a smorgasbord, I suppose.


Julie in Boise said...

I'm especially enjoying this year's ALCS because the two teamsare among my faves. I went to college in Ohio and I like the Red Sox. So I'll be happy either way - though I would've loved to see Cleveland take it at home the other night since they haven't clinched ANYTHING at home for about 80 years. I will cheer for either team in the Series because I can't support Coors ownership of the Rockies even if they are the only MLB team in our time zone.

Alas, I'll be missing the end of both ALCS Game 6 and BSU tonight because we have tix to see and hear Idaho's own Josh Ritter! For that reason, I'd like to see the ALCS go seven games.

Adam Graham said...

I like the idea of Andruw Jones in Colorado. His defensive value in that place is huge. Nothing against Willie Taveras, but he's no Andruw Jones.

Tara A. Rowe said...

I hadn't thought about him going to the Rockies. Do they have the money? I secretly hoped the Padres wouldn't pick up Milton Bradley so Jones could join a few former teammates in San Diego (as well as Cameron and Giles in the outfield). Since they did, another California team could pick him up--Giants will need another outfielder with Bonds leaving. I've heard some rumors about the Braves picking up Glavine for his final season(s). Maybe they could make a trade of some sort. Like I said--not to the Yankees!

I slept through ALCS game 6--so I, too, am looking forward to game 7.

Julie, I'm with you on the ALCS, except the arrogance of the BoSox turns me off. I'm a huge fan of the city of Boston and not too big a fan of the city of Cleveland. So...go Indians!