Saturday, October 27, 2007

Smorgasbord Saturday

Did you know that the Backstreet Boys have a new CD coming out? Yep. True story. Why should you care? Well, you don't have to. One of my guilty pleasures is the music of really bad boy bands. Always has been a weakness. The favorite being Hanson, but the Backstreet Boys'll do. Tuesday is the release date (if I am remembering correctly).

Semi-related--I read in the Guardian yesterday that the Spice Girls are getting back together for a tour. I liked them when I was in junior high. Now, well, I don't see the point. The first tour wasn't bad enough? Wonder if they'll get that awful tour bus they had in Spice World. It's really sad that I even saw Spice World, isn't it? I was in junior high, people! I don't know much about what the girls have done since the break up. One is in a spaghetti sauce commercial. I think one is having (maybe had) Eddie Murphy's baby. And, then there is Mrs. David Beckham. A tour, really? Best of luck, but I refuse to see such a disaster unfold on stage.

I missed People & Politics today. I haven't been attending regularly for awhile, but I was really looking forward to going today. I kind of miss politics in general, at least at the local level. Next time for sure.

The World Series is not going as I would have liked. The Rockies are at this moment in a good position in the game, but this is the first time since the series began that I could say that without thinking they are absolutely in over their heads.

It was a beautiful day in Pocatello so I walked over and took a final shot of the new facility next door. I continue to be amazed with Bright Tomorrow. I'm thinking I will take the photos and put them together in a slide show or something for the facility. I'd put them into a scrapbook, but scrap booking is a scary idea to me. I just can't bring myself to scrapbook.

In the mail today was the Spring 2008 catalog for the Hesperus Press. I was excited to see mail from them since I ordered Carlyle's House by Virginia Woolf with a special introduction by Nobel prize winner Doris Lessing. It wasn't the book I ordered, but now I have the catalog to order more exciting books from this superb press.

That's all I've got for this Saturday. I'm beat. Have a good weekend!

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