Sunday, October 7, 2007

WinCo Shooting Revisited

In June I posted on a shooting that took place in the Twin Falls WinCo. Today, the Times News is reporting that the two Twin Falls officers involved in the shooting of a Declo 19-year-old have been cleared of any wrong doing. Logan Brizzee died June 30th after pulling a handgun on the two officers and consequently being shot three times.

Perhaps the saddest part of the whole situation is that Logan Brizzee was being held for attempted theft--theft of $50 worth of merchandise. WinCo merchandise. What does that mean? A few pints of ice cream and a case of beer? His overreaction to the officers, undoubtedly founded in his knowledge that he was wanted in both Minidoka and Cassia counties on felony warrants, cost him his life. Had he not made the choice to steal $50 worth of WinCo merchandise he would still have his life. In jail, but still a future.

Nineteen years old and the only choice he had was to overreact to two arresting officers who had picked him up for stealing $50 worth of merchandise. Nineteen years old. Still boggles my mind.

That and the fact that the Times-News spelled it D-e-l-c-o. It's Declo, idiots.