Tuesday, November 27, 2007


...not to be confused with Frequently Asked Questions.
  • If we are really taking sides, I'd rather know the fellas at 43SB have my back--at least I know what that comes with that (i.e. wine, tech support, and late night banter after I ask a question with a seemingly obvious answer) and that I'm not going to be sold down the river.
  • Politics is personal. 'Tis why you'll never find me posting about domestic violence, Matthew Shepard, or child abuse.
  • Never get into a pissing match with a race horse.
  • Feeding hungry people is addictive.
  • I can't pronounce Morialekafa.
  • It is possible to sing the tune "You Are My Sunshine" with the word 'hero' inserted in place of 'sunshine' each time. This I know because it came to mind while reading Digby's piece on the Kennedy assassination anniversary. In fact you could potentially insert any two syllable word you would like in place of sunshine, however, I wouldn't recommend inserting certain words.
  • I threw up in the parking lot this afternoon and am now home in bed. I don't know where my phone is, I know exactly where my lunch is, and I will be returning to the world of the living (and sane) again tomorrow.

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