Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Posse Ad Esse

For the next twenty-seven days, I will no longer think of my life in terms of hours, minutes, tasks, or days, I will look at my life in terms of boxes. Yes, boxes.

The Stallings Collection is slated to open January 1st. Given that the University has decided to close (and turn off the heat) from December 22nd through January 1st, I have until the 22nd to complete the main, Washington D.C. files contained within the collection.

As a mere thought this task seems insurmountable, but if one box is completed a day, it is quite possible that the main portion of the collection will be complete on time. These visions of completion that I have been having since, well, since day one I suppose, are becoming less vision-like and more realistic.

From possibility to actuality -- a posse ad esse.

Keeping in mind I have classes to attempt to pass and will need time to sleep, eat, breathe, etc., I will be light on blogging until the 22nd when I plan on having a very long (and overdue) vacation.

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