Sunday, November 4, 2007

Smorgasbord Saturday

Forgive the fact that this post is actually going up on a Sunday (early Sunday). I was busy.

Check out this commentary by Randy Stapilus over at Ridenbaugh Press. Stapilus points out a neighborhood level organization that the Idaho Democratic Party is taking advantage of. I went to one of those house parties mentioned in the press release last night and I must say I am very impressed with what's going on here.

I haven't said anything much this week, which can be explained hopefully tomorrow (er...I guess today). One of things I haven't said a word about and need to is the passing of Chick Bilyeu. Please be patient with me as I get to that.

So, Joe Torre is headed to L.A., Renteria is headed to Detroit, and Joe Girardi will head the Yankees. Big changes in baseball this week. This, too, will be an upcoming topic. The first few weeks of November are always interesting for baseball fans. You're either heartbroken, floating on air, or watching carefully to see what will happen to your beloved team.

There is evidently a vote going on--the Weblog Awards--and two of my fellow bloggers are nominated. The MountainGoat Report is nominated in the best political coverage category (and rightly so) in her first year of blogging. Impressive! And, Bubblehead has been nominated for his submarine blog (there is another word for this, but I can't remember what that is...) in the category for Best of the Top 5001-6750 blogs. I read Bubblehead from time to time and asked awhile back for some information on the INL. He is a well deserving nominee, too. Go Vote! You can vote in all categories once every 24 hours or something like that.

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