Friday, December 21, 2007

Reds and Blues

I am looking forward to a long weekend of quality time with my kid brother. Due to my travel plans and other circumstances beyond my control, our Christmas together will mostly take place over the weekend. What are our plans? Well that is the joy of the weekend--we don't have many. We can stay up all night chatting, sleep in until noon, and play rummy until our eyes cross from staring at our hands.

Recently, the kid brother revealed to me that he can play chess. Not just play, beat my socks off. This is one of the revelations that all big sisters look forward to. Okay, not necessarily the chess skills, just the pleasure of knowing you can share a game with someone you love. Someone who thinks wrestling is amazing, hasn't read an entire book since first grade, and would rather watch himself in the mirror than sit down and watch an episode of The West Wing.

He and I are opposite on so many levels. We were discussing the Clinton library recently--he doesn't know who Clinton is (though they share a birthday). His favorite color is blue, mine is red, despite our political leanings. He's more of the conservative sportsman and I, well, here I am posting this on a liberal Idaho blog. His idea of homework is sitting down to Wikipedia and searching for details or calling his big sister for an explanation. If he has cracked a textbook I'd be surprised.

He snores, talks in his sleep, pretends he is Adam Sandler, claims to be from the planet NARF, and can talk for hours about some wrestling move called the cowboy and why Brett Favre is the greatest athlete in the history of sports.

For all our differences, we are both bad sleepers (naturally nocturnal), we love The X-Files, can tell you every last word of the wonderful film The Princess Bride, we can't stand black licorice, and at two in the morning we both know the only call we can make is to one another.

Red or blue, I'm still the luckiest big sister in the world.

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